We participated in an exhibition in Ahmedabad, India

“GTE (Garment Technology Expo) Ahmedabad 2023” was held in Ahmedabad, India on March 2~4.
インドのアメダバードメダバード展示会1 インドのアメダバードメダバード展示会2
The Indian state of Gujarat, where Ahmedabad is located, is the most active state of industrial production in India, and the textile industry is also promoted. Therefore, the sewing industry is also booming.

At this exhibition, 10 kinds of machines were displyed in our own booth and authorised distributor’s.

インドのアメダバードメダバード展示会4 インドのアメダバードメダバード展示会5
We were convinced of many customers could fully understand what is KANSAI SPECIAL brand products.