Message from us

Manufacturing is the core of the industry .
It is the time to evolve.

We are in an era of change now. It transforms like living creatures one after another, and Needs become more sophisticated and diversified. And in the changing times, we has changed little by little.
We read the times, understand our customers, and go one step ahead of customer’s expectations.
Innovation and speed are essential.
Flexible organization and professionals who can sense the times and make creative proposals are required.
Based on our mobility , Morimoto Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will continue to expand our global net work based on our manufacturing of “development, production, and sales.”
The new global standard of MADE IN JAPAN is high-grade products product ed faster and strong price competitiveness.
Quality means making customers happy. Trust is a promise that customers can safely use the products they want.
We will accelerate evolution again while delivering unchanging peace of mind.
We will continue to do our best to help people around the world know Kansai products.
代表取締役社長 森本 嘉秀President Yoshihide Morimoto