Corporate Outline

Company name
Morimoto Mfg. Co., Ltd.
Yoshihide Morimoto
Business activities
Head Office
1-4-17, Suna, Shijonawate, 575-0001, Osaka, Japan
TEL +81-72-878-1177  FAX +81-72-877-2299
April, 1927
August, 1958
55 millions YEN
Head office / Research instituteJapan Head Office /
R&D Labaoratory

CSR ( Corporate Social Responsibility ) initiatives

Morimoto MFG. Co., Ltd. is committed not only to providing appropriate treatment to customers, but also to providing appropriate employment and working conditions that respect human rights.

Being considerate to the environment, and contributing to local communities. First of all, in order to improve the working environment within the company, we will improve the working environment so that people can demonstrate their various abilities regardless of gender, nationality, or disability, and provide employees with opportunities to take on a variety of work challenges.

Our company has formulated a general business owner action plan based on the Next Generation Development Support Measures Promotion Act, and has created an employment environment that allows employees to balance work and childcare, and includes employees who are not raising children. We will promote the development and implementation of diverse working conditions. We will thoroughly disseminate the details by posting them on our company’s website and in easy-to-see locations within our offices.
Morimoto Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
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