We participated in a domestic exhibition held in Gunma

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We displyed 2 types of unique products in this exhibition. One needle overlock machine for badge edge seams machine. youtube : https://youtu.be/hapbM-0FBgg
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3 needle,5thread ,Cylinder bed ,top & bottom covering, fully automatic ,circular bottom hemming machine.

youtube : https://youtu.be/wY_QdD61vB8

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This time, new employees also participated as a training session, and it was the first time for them to actually sew and show it to customers. The video aired at the venue can also be viewed on YouTube. Please take a look. 【Click here for the video of the sewing machine exhibited this time】 JJ3004GS-01M-4 BD DM https://youtu.be/hapbM-0FBgg NR9803GALK-ABH3 https://youtu.be/wY_QdD61vB8 【Other recommended videos】 We exhibited at “JIAM 2022” held at INTEX Osaka JIAM2022 KANSAI SPECIAL Venue Report https://youtu.be/xcbk6KyzVaA