We participated in a domestic exhibition held in Iwate

This is a picture of the Tohoku Apparel Industry Equipment Exhibition held at Iwate Industrial Cultural Center Tsugawa Miraikan from 6/24 (Sat) to 6/25 (Sun)! KANSAI SPECIAL participated in the booth of Koyama Shokai as a joint exhibitor.
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At this exhibition, we exhibited a total of two sewing machines, JJ3004GS-01M-4-BD/DD and JJ3014GH-01M-2×4/ATC.
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Both of these machines are overlock sewing machines, and the JJ3004GS-01M-4-BD/DD is a badge edge stitch machine with 1 needle, 3 thread, making it easy to sew circular badge edges.
The JJ3014GH-01M-2×4/ATC is 2-needle, 4 thread,plain seaming model suitable for thin to medium knit wear such as T-shirts. Thanks to 3 sensors,which detect edges of fabrics and automatical cut the chain-off.

This sewing machine has a promotional video posted on YouTube!

Thank you to everyone who came to our booth that day.