The first solo exhibition “nexgen2023” was held in India

“nexgen2023” was held in Tirupur, India from 8/11 (Fri) to 12 (Sat).
In this video, you can see the state of the opening ceremony.
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Tirupur, the venue, is one of the leading cities in India with a thriving textile industry.
Near the solo exhibition venue, there was also an exhibition mainly by local distributors, and many customers came from both venues.

This group photo was taken with the local distributors. The president of the Shijonawate head office also attended. (center of photo)
At the venue
Two seminars were also held.
Through the slide show, customers were able to see both management and technology!
The machines of the Indian branch office have many special attachments that cannot be seen at exhibitions in Japan.

The state of this exhibition was published in the local newspaper the next morning.
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At the opening ceremony, a performance using fireworks and a magic show were also held. Feel the entertainment unique to India!
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Once again, thank you to all the KANSAI SPECIAL India team for your hard work!
Thanks to everyone’s support, the first solo exhibition ended with great success.
The KANSAI SPECIAL team will continue to devote ourselves to making the next big event possible.

Thank you to everyone who came to the venue on the day.