We participated in a domestic exhibition held in Niigata

This is the 2023 Shinryo Apparel Machine Show held at the Niigata Wholesale Center (NOC Plaza) from July 1st (Sat) to 2nd (Sun)
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This exhibition is one of the largest apparel equipment exhibitions on the Sea of Japan side.
KANSAI SPECIAL exhibited two types of sewing machines, the JJ3014GH-01M/ATC (an automatic chain thread trimming machine) and the DFB1412PTV.
JJ3014GH-01M/ATC Thanks to 3 sensors,which detect edges of fabrics and automaticall cut the chain-off.
DFB1412PTV is a sewing machine for pin tacking and can be adjusted to 3 different tacking widths (2mm,5mm,8mm) by changing exclusive parts(or guide).
We have posted a promotional video on YouTube for your viewing pleasure.
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Thank you to everyone who came to the event!