Information about resemblance of the brand trademark of our company

The following brands exist as the example of a similar trademark for KANSAI SPECIAL
The above mentioned manufacturers are locating in China. In these days, some of above companies started to sell not only in domestic market in China but in other countries to export. They are disturbing our sales and territories. We have to take some actions to protect our brand. We would like all of our distributors to cooperate with us. We have registered the brand of our company in several countries. If you find out someone import imitation machines, please let us know immediately. We are going to take the following procedure. 1. We have to send the warning letter to the manufacturers who making our imitation brand in China. 2. We have to sue the company who import imitation machines. We register our brand trade mark in all over the world. Please note that it is against law to sell such imitation brands. MORIMOTO MFG. CO., LTD