DLR seriesDouble chain stitch machine

DLR series is a flatbed, multi-needle (1~6 needles), double chain stitch machine with horizontal looper movement mechanism. DLR series is for mid heavy and heavy weight fabrics. Kansai Special’s unique rear puller mechanism enables DLR series to produce durable and uniform stitches on mid heavy and heavy weight fabrics.

Application : Lap seaming, attaching waistband,line attaching and inserting elastic, etc.

TB: Turn down bracket
FL: Pneumatic foot lifter

1503PTF (3 needle lap seaming for side seam)

DLR1508P (Waistband sewing)

DLR1509SPF (Curved waist band sewing - banana waist band)

DLR1509WPA-1C (Semi-automatic cutting & skip stich system)


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