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Option for double chain stitch machines

Device Description Application
BK-20 Automatic belt loop cutter For B2000GC, NW2202GC
TB Turn Down Folder Bracket for DLR1508, 1509P
CS-1 Chain cutter with venturi device For NW8804GD, NW8842G, 8842-1G
CS-2 Chain cutter  For NFS
CS-3 Chain cutter For SX
CS-4 Chain cutter For SQ
Foot lifter (FL-1~13) Pneumatic Foot lifter For all models
PF, PF-HB Puller For SQ
BP Breast cushion pad For NFS
AP Air presser foot For NW, NR, NC / UTA(Pneumatic type ), For NFS
EW Electric type thread wiper For coverstitch thread trimmer models
AW Pneumatic type thread wiper For thread trimmer models
MC31FA Pneumatic type tape cutter For NW8803GF
MC31SA Pneumatic type tape cutter For NW-1S
MC31FE Electric type tape cutter For NW8803GF
MC31SE Electric type tape cutter For NW-1S
RT-1 Elastic band expander For FX
RT-2 Elastic band expander For RX-PHK
RT-4 Elastic band expander For JJ
RT-4A Elastic band expander For JJ

Option for Overlock machines

Device Description Application
VTC,HTC Chain cutter For JJ
PL2 Automatic Presser foot lifter Including with VD device
VD Venturi device + Presser foot lifter (For JJ) For JJ

Direct motor

Device Description Application
DD(DM) Direct motor For all models